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About Us – Corporate Gear

Corporate Gear is a small business in Atlanta, Georgia that provides embroidered apparel and branded promotional products to large and small business, religious organizations, schools and non-profit organizations. It has been our pleasure to have served the apparel needs of Denny’s managers for over ten years.

At Corporate Gear we aspire to partner with you to promote your business to your customers, your community and our world. Our goal is to create a win, win, win situation from every business transaction that is driven and reinforced by our core values. A win for you means the best possible product, price and service that we can provide and deliver. A win for us is achieved with your satisfaction and long term loyalty. And finally, the biggest win we both can accomplish is to strengthen our community and make the world a better place. If there is any item that we can provide to you as you support your community through different charitable events please call us and allow us the opportunity to provide a quote – it probably will be your lowest bid.

The core values that we have built our business on are as follows:

Stellar customer service: an available, friendly voice to listen, help and deliver.

An upbeat optimistic outlook: we strive for a positive attitude – it is critical to success and we hope it makes everyone’s day a bit better.

Creativity: everybody loves something new, something custom, cool or fun – we try to bring innovation to all our items by allowing you to totally customize your item – be it with your name, title, logo style or embroidery thread color.  So be creative.

Integrity: just do the right thing, every time. It saves everyone from wondering and worrying.

Personal responsibility: we do what we say we are going to do or we won’t say it. We do a job well or not at all. And when we make a mistake; we admit it, we correct it and we learn from it.

Social responsibility: we respect each other as human beings – that’s what we have in common after all. So let’s help each other, take care of our earth and really strive to make the world a better place.

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